Design features

Alfa Europe supplies a full range of butterfly valves, compact in design and streamlined disc design a high Kv/Cv values, low pressure loss and energy cost. The vulcanised bonded liner for longer lifetime, no corrosion between body and liner. Because of the limited number of parts our valves are maintenance friendly and easy in use.

Flow Data

The purpose of a butterfly valve as a regulator is to correct a flow process by changing the resistance with different valve settings. The unit used is the KV value which can be defined as follows: The KV value equals the total volume of water at 20°C that will pass through the valve in one hour at a differential pressure of 1 bar, measured in m3/hr.

Torques figures Bonded liner

Torque figures in Nm for Alfa Europe bonded liner Butterfly Valves


Material options for Alfa butterfly valves


Flanged butterfly valves with PN6, PN10, PN16 or PN25 ASME CL. 150# JIS 5, 10, 16K


Alfa butterfly valves are approved for applications in a number of market areas by international classifications societies. Valve parts, eg body, disc, can be supplied on request with inspection certificates of the material supplier (foundry) according EN 10204, 3.1 3.1 subject to material type. Other specifications are possible. All valves are pressure and functional tested after assembly according to internal quality procedures which comply with international standards. Inspection certificates according EN 10204, 3.1, 3.2 can be submitted on request.

Storage and Installation

Store the valve in dry, dark and cool conditions, preferably indoors with the actual valve temperature higher than 0°C. If outdoor storage is unavoidable, store the valves off the ground and protect the valves with a watertight cover. Do not remove the valve packaging or end port protection, until necessary for inspection or installation. Store the valve in the slightly open position to avoid permanent deformation of the rubber lining.