Bonded liners

With our manufacturing – casting and vulcanisation experience Alfa
Europe has created a full line of concentric highly reliable and efficient butterfly valves. All our valve liners are vulcanised with a bonded liner to reduce maintenance and to give with a high flow performance. The Alfa Europe bonded liner butterfly valves a traditional way of construction with many years of experience in a variety of applications a 100% tight shut-off between disc and liner on all sizes due to precision machining of internal parts (Disc, Bronze bearings bushes and Shaft) and transfer moulding vulcanisation process with prevision tooling. Due to accurate and repeatable liner dimensions in combination with the precision machined internal parts this bonded liner valve is very reliable and provides constant low torque and tight shut-off during many years of operation.

The Alfa Europe butterfly valves have a 100% tight shut-off on top and
bottom shaft seal due to primary and secondary stem seal within the
precision bonded liner. We do not use the traditional o-ring construction on the drive shaft, which could weaken the shaft.
The bonded liner creates a 100% tight-off on the process connections
due to extended rubber lining beyond the flanges facing, no flange gasket required.
The bonded liner concept will create a corrosion proof design, complete
elimination between body and liner. Bonded liner fully covers the valve
body internally. Due to the vulcanization process all Alfa Europe valve bodies are extremelystrong and are vulcanised at ± 150 Bar and can be used as fully pressure rated dead-end service valves for MONO S 60 and S 61, Double flange S 46 and LUG S 64.
All our valves are suitable for vacuum (negative pressure) services and
high fluid velocity applications.(Liner cannot be sucked into the pipeline).

The Alfa Europe bonded liner butterfly valves are produced with latest design technology, including vulcanized rubber liner by injection moulding.


The Alfa Europe Bonded liner concept ensures that the liner cannot move around as a result of which;
• No tearing and distortion of the liner
• Very low wear of the seat
• Reliable low torque figures
• Exceptionally long seat life up to 3 x longer than replaceable liner valves
• Permanent dry lubrication shaft design
• Uniform sealing, bi-directional flow
• Low torque due to one shaft design

For Maritime application, scrubber application, ECGS, ballast water, fresh water, sea water, fire water, cargo oil, fuel, chemicals and more.

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