Triple eccentric

The Alfa Europe valve utilizes a triple offset structure and has
no friction with seat during the process of 90º full travel operation
Torque sealing instead of position sealing is adopted to achieve
bi-directional sealing with long term stability. It can meet zero leakage
All-metal sealing structure is adopted and the requirements on
leakage class are higher than those of API 6D and API 598 on metal
sealing valve.

Alfa Europe butterfly valve design and unique sealing elements provide zero leakage through non-rubbing 90-degree rotation across a
wide range of pressure and temperature conditions.
On the basis of preserving primary radical eccentric and axial eccentric, the axis of conical seal surface has been inclined with the center
of valve flow path to form angle eccentric. Alfa Europe tri-eccentric butterfly valve is characterized by compact structure, effective handle
and long work life. It can be widely used in oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical, power station, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceuticals.

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