About us

Company Philosophy

As a privately owned company we stand for quick decision-making, high individual responsibility, continuity and sustainable investments in research and development. We offer customized, and standardized butterfly valve solutions for almost every individual application. By developing and producing our own ALFA Europe brand, we can guarantee an optimal selection of high quality wide range of butterfly valves. Furthermore, we are able to react flexibly and quickly to special market requirements for offering individually developed solutions to our clients.

Scope of supply

Alfa Europe B.V. was founded in 2001 as manufacturer for maritime butterfly valves. This was also the time when the management set the company’s code of professional ethics and, together with the dynamic production team, began its drive to make the name ALFA Europe synonymous with bonded liner concentric butterfly, replaceable liner butterfly valves, incl. concentric PTFE liner valves and high performance double eccentric butterfly valves, triple eccentric butterfly Valves, actuation & controls, for
various industries.

Extensive testing

All Valves are pressure-, functional- and torque tested during and after assembly according to API-598 or BS 5155 with the pressure as indicated on the valve TAG plate, all other valves are pressure and
functional tested according Alfa Europe quality standard which is within international quality standards.


  • Our products are sold through selected distributors and stock keeping agents :
    – Europe
    – United States of America
  • – Canada
  • – Middle East
    – Russia
    – Asia

Butterfly valves applications

Alfa Europe Butterfly valves for various systems including : Bilge, Ballast, Sea water cooling, Tank cleaning, sea water systems, Sanitary systems, Fresh water, Cargo oil filling and discharge, crude oil filling and discharge, Cargo handling systems, Ventilation systems, Scrubber systems, Wash water systems.


Our Butterfly valves are made in accordance the highest material standards including :

Ductile Iron JS1030, Steel, stainless steel, Ni Aluminium bronze, Bronze, Duplex, super duplex, austenitisch stainless steel, and many others.